Video Testimonial

--Jenna S.

Written Testimonials

Dr. Evan Greller was recommended to me by Dr. Doerr (Osteopathic Physician) last November while I was undergoing physical therapy for degenerative disc disease. My neck has been a major problem for me since 1983 when I had a Discectomy performed between C5 and C6. I am 58 and am extremely physically active, running a large equine training and boarding facility and riding my three dressage horses daily. After four sessions of atlas and gentle activator adjustments with Dr. Greller in early December I was not in need of another adjustment until late March. At that point I needed four different adjustments throughout April and as of today, July 7th, I've needed no further adjustments and go happily about my busy life.


I have referred a number of people to Dr. Greller, including my massage therapist, and they have all been quite pleased and have themselves made referrals. I don't expect miracles for this over used body of mine but discovering Dr. Greller has been something close to one.


--Zanne H.

I sought treatment from Dr. Evan Greller due to chronic pain in my neck that radiated into my left shoulder and throughout my left arm. For the last eight years I had suffered from intermittent neck and shoulder problems related to pinched nerves. The pain from the most recent episode was so great that I was unable to sleep or relax for approximately six weeks even after seeking treatment from other health care providers. Within two treatments, Dr. Greller alleviated almost all of my shoulder and arm pain. I was able to sleep at night and complete my work day almost pain free. After the fourth session with Dr. Greller, I bowled two games and I felt great the next morning, free of any pain or discomfort that had previously plagued me. Dr. Greller's treatment of me using the Atlas Orthogonal program has totally changed the way that I perceive chiropractic care and treatment for misalignment of the spine. The Atlas Orthogonal treatment program is subtle yet highly effective in the way that it corrects misalignment of the cervical spine. Through Dr. Greller's treatment using the Atlas Orthogonal program, I regained cervical spinal health and the enjoyment of living life free of chronic neck and shoulder pain. I invite you to see if Dr. Greller can do the same for you.

--Daniel C.,  Attorney, Athens, GA